Constructing Excellence Clubs are designed to allow people from across the construction industry to get together to learn and share Best Practice. The Clubs are genuinely local services. Each new Club is started by the drive and vision of a person or persons in the local construction industry. Excellence in construction can be described as:

  • Creating individual, community and national prosperity (wealth) through the provision of products and services
  • Creating opportunities for living, learning, recreation and development that will advance the interests of the community at large
  • Exceeding all community expectations for products and services offered and creating added value
  • Achieving expected margins and ensuring value is delivered
  • Earning community respect for aesthetic, safety and environmental standards
  • Having integrated teams delivering world class constructed products, buildings, facilities and infrastructure incorporating quality components, systems and products
  • Respecting its people and the wider community
  • Exporting a range of products and services to other industries

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