Thursday 26 January




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Hear from YCG Group about an innovative service whereby companies can engage with vetted prisoners, assisting with their training and providing a job at their company on release so that businesses can plug skills gaps and do some social good by reducing re-offending (and saving taxpayers money)”.

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Darryl Brock is Business Development Manager at Your Consultation Group (YCG) a social enterprise group of companies whose objects are to reduce reoffending and reintegrate prison leavers into their communities.

YCG is a collaboration of professionals, educationalists, IT specialists, and prison leavers working to change the model for the reintegration of returning citizens for the benefit of everyone in society. Darryl is one such professional, whose father is Chaplain at HMP Parc.

Darryl will explain how, since 2015, YCG has assisted thousands in custody with sentence planning and rehabilitation toward successful reintegration back into their communities being at the forefront of policy change and using freedoms afforded under The Prisons White Paper to guarantee every YCG Citizen™ will receive an offer of employment on release.

Breaking the cycle of reoffending requires prison leavers to have real job opportunities available to them on release. It also requires prisoner engagement with their sentence planning and progression whilst in custody. As part of a fully integrated model for reducing reoffending, YCG has launched the only digital careers service which allows employers access to suitably qualified and risk-assessed prisoners approaching the end of their sentence. The service also allows for long-range planned training whilst in custody in workshops or on release on temporary licence to the employer’s exact specification and recruitment of suitably qualified and risk-assessed prison leavers at scale on release from custody.