Seya Tansill


Thursday 30 November


5pm to 6pm


via Zoom

A presentation about B+K’s delivery journey into Offsite and how the model that sits behind construction manufacturing has helped to unlock better outcomes for net zero building. Seya Tansill

Seya Tansill is Design and Innovation Lead for Tier 1 contractor Bowmer & Kirkland, who are pioneering Offsite and low carbon construction in the main contracting arena. Seya’s previous role was at BRE, managing MMC product development, understanding the landscape of the external and internal markets to respond with science-led solutions to support the mainstream adoption of Offsite.

Seya sits as a Strategic Innovation Board Member for Building Better, a National Housing Federation-backed alliance of 29 housing associations and local authorities charged with aggregating demand to procure high quality, sustainable Offsite homes. She also leads a working group who are writing new classification standards for Offsite and MMC through the CB/301 BSI committee group.

Balancing Sustainability and Risk in Offsite Construction

A presentation about Innovaré Offsite’s delivery of net zero buildings and the risk management that was implemented along the way.


Gareth Ellison has been involved in MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) businesses across residential, healthcare, airport infrastructure and education sectors joining Innovaré in 2018. As a Director he has a focus on the development of MMC solutions across education with a particular focus on the DfE Framework. Gareth has worked with the team to develop the Innovaré value proposition, aligning to the DfE Framework objectives and Output Specification including initiatives to quantify Innovaré embodied and sequestered carbon.