HAWCE were delighted to visit M3 Floodtec at their facility near Droitwich when we were provided with an exciting demonstration of flood prevention measures.

Floodtec have one of only three BSI certified testing facilities in the UK and we were able to stand inside a small house which Floodtec have built in a tank and which they then flood so that the outside of the building is up to 900mm deep in water to demonstrate how a typical residential property can be made waterproof.  Water was seen rising up the patio doors and windows with no sign of any leakage at all and the brickwork was also waterproof by applying a solution to it which is not visible to the naked eye.  There are also practical steps such as non-return valves in toilets and in air bricks.  It was fascinating and refreshing to see how relatively simple and economic measures can be taken to make ordinary residential properties floodproof and it is great that we have such a leading company in this field on our patch in Worcestershire.

It is well worth contacting the company if you have a potential development which may be prone to flooding (either from surface water or a water course) or an existing property or have clients with existing properties which are prone to flooding or where occupiers would benefit from the adoption of practical flood prevention measures to avoid the misery of flood and surface water ingress.

The company has also been involved in some major projects, for example the construction of a 100 metre wall in Cockermouth in Cumbria.  This is a really clever piece of kit because the wall (which can be made of aluminium or fibreglass) is hidden either within a wall or in the pavement and it rises automatically when river water reaches a certain level as the water goes into a tank below the walls and it lifts it up hydraulically.  There are many other flood prevention measures the company designs and installs.

A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting site visit and another successful HAWCE event.

Please see some photos below but it will be well worth another visit.

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